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What Pet Medication Can I Get From a Local Pharmacy in NJ?

Just like humans, pets are faced with health problems of their own. They range from bacterial and fungal infections, pest infestation, oral and gut problems to mineral deficiency. If you have visited a vet for any of the above issues and obtained a prescription, a local pharmacy is your go-to source for all pet’s health as well as grooming needs.

The New Jersey state culture has a special enthusiasm for pets and that is why local pharmacies provide holistic healthcare needs for pets. This article gives some of the many pet medications you can get from local pharmacies in New Jersey.

Pet Antibiotics

Antibiotics meant for pets are designed to treat various types of infections caused by bacteria infestation. Bacterial infections in pets attack different parts of the body including ears, urinary tract, skin and the respiratory system.

Pet Medications in Howell NJ

Ear infections are confirmed by incessant shaking of the ears and head. Antibiotics are used to stop or suppress the spread of bacteria to the body. Some of the most common pet antibiotics include amoxicillin, azithromycin and cephalexin among many others.

Antifungal Meds

These are used to treat fungal infestation in the body. Antifungal infections in pets come in different forms such as yeast, ringworms, fungal infections in the respiratory system and systemic infections. The most common form of infection of fungus is ringworms that manifest as rushes on the skin. Drugs such as miconazole, fluconazole, and climatozole are used to treat fungus infestation in pets.

Eye and Ear Medication

Eye infections in pets are common due to pests and flies that bring with them bacteria to the eye. Common signs of eye infections in pets include redness, wateriness and discharge. Due to flies invading their cornea, most pets suffer from glaucoma. Eye problems and infections in pets are treated with antibiotics and eye drops. Ear infections are also common in pets also due to pest infestation. Eardrops and antibiotics are used to treat infections of the ear. Wax removers work by removing wax to keep infections away.

Preventative Meds

Just like with humans, an array of pet supplies helps keep diseases and pests away from our furry friends and enable them to lead quality lives. Such items include nail cutters, shampoos, pet toothbrushes and pastes, ointments and preventative medication. For example, grooming products such as nail cutters help prevent the formation of wounds because of self-scratching. In addition, regular brushing of their teeth does not only help with their grooming; it also helps keep oral diseases and problems at bay.


Allergies in pets come because of exposure to allergens such as dust and mold. This exposure makes their bodies produce a compound known as histamines to counterattack the allergen. If the immune system is compromised or the exposure is prolonged, the pet may develop chronic allergies. Antihistamines work by inhibiting the production of histamines and this works by curing the reaction.

Dental Care Meds

Because of the frequent wrong use of their teeth, pets suffer from oral problems that cause diseases and pain such as gingivitis, cavities, tartar buildup, to oral wounds. Dental care meds are used to release inflammation, while oral gels are used to cure wounds in pets. You can get these and many more dental care meds from a pharmacy near you.

Pain Relievers

Pets are prone to body pains when something is amiss with their health. For example, if a pet has previously had an operation or is under dental treatment, pain is a common thing. However, if you are not sure of the source of pain in your pet, it is always advisable to give your vet a visit for diagnosis. Also known as analgesics in animal health, pain relievers reduce inflammation thereby releasing the pain in the body.

Pet Supplements

When pets get older or have a deficiency of certain key minerals, their bodies tend to get weaker and may even experience health issues such as diabetes and arthritis. To prevent and treat such problems, certain minerals are added to their diet. Other supplements like probiotics and prebiotics are used to treat gut problems in pets.

Apart from pet medication, all pet Medicare supplies are available at a local pharmacy under one roof. Local pharmacies are also easily accessible for emergencies at any time of the day. Experienced staff operate local pharmacies and apart from selling the medication, they offer insightful medical advice. However, before buying any pet medication, it is of paramount importance to first visit a vet for diagnosis and prescriptions.

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