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Can an Online Doctor Write a Prescription?

This question has been subject to many boring semantic debates in recent times. Some have embraced the concept of telemedicine whereas others still deem the idea of telehealth quite farcical and contradictory, as they believe that a doctor must examine someone physically and that personal one on one interaction is paramount in the health sector.

Luckily, the idea of an online doctor is being slowly accepted and many now acknowledge the fact that such a doctor can indeed write you a prescription. This article will discuss the same and how it has been made possible.


These medication specialists play an important role in providing effective and safe patient care. They go beyond just administering medicine as they also review prescriptions methodically for accuracy and potential interactions with a patient’s existing medications. They also provide critical patient education by detailing how to take drugs, potential side effects, and storage recommendations. Furthermore, pharmacists can work with doctors to prescribe alternate drugs or change dosages for better outcomes. Their contributions extend to public health programs, such as medication adherence and illness prevention.

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They play an essential role in healthcare by bridging the gap between medications and patient knowledge.This idea has made healthcare quite accessible, and it has expanded the reach of healthcare to those who could have been sidelined before. The medical appointments are made online and similarly, after a proper diagnosis and dependent on whether you are a first time patient or a regular patient, it has made it possible to get a new prescription online including prescription refills. This has reduced the hospital visits as one can access healthcare virtually and premised on their own schedule, timelines and comfort.

It has Been Embraced in All States

The idea of online doctors has been embraced in all 50 states making it legal to make online prescriptions in all the states in the US. The distinction is that there are different regulations and guidelines that govern the practice of telemedicine, and it can vary from state to state. Some could be limiting whereas others could be enabling. Overall, prescriptions being made by online doctors has become a norm in all states, and it is great to have such a radical change in the medical sector.


The concept of online doctors and the prescriptions made thereof has been made easy as long as there is compliance with the required regulations and restrictions governing this practice. This helps with the delivery of the best possible standards of healthcare as the online doctors are familiar with the laws governing this telemedicine sector in their own state thus ensuring that they do not act unfettered. There are also certain licensing and professional standards established or set by the relevant boards and organizations that online doctors have to adhere to. This helps to make the practice effective and reliable as such prescriptions are given after thorough scrutiny and adherence to the said cannons instead of scrupulously and haphazardly as would be expected from any online from of practice.

What is Needed for get an Online Prescription?

An online doctor might require ample proof of your previous prescription and all this is dependent on the type of medication that is to be administered. The picture of the old prescription is taken and sent to the doctor virtually for verification. A pill bottle or a previous medication package can also suffice. However, if you are a regular online patient, the telemedicine platform usually retains all your health information and all your medication and prescription history rendering the process seamless and efficient. For a first time patient, a doctor is expected to do proper checks to diagnose the condition and to proceed to recommend the most fitting treatment. This is followed by a subsequent prescription of the requisite medication just as the doctor would do in a physical doctor’s appointment.

What Type of Medication Can be Prescribed Online?

There is a wide array of medication that can be prescribed online ranging from infections, bacterial or vital, acne, hypertension, high cholesterol, alopecia, sexual or erectile dysfunction, mental health issues such as schizophrenia and anxiety among many other medical conditions. However, the patient is encouraged to share with the online doctor any medication or supplements that they are taking to ensure that whatever will be prescribed will not interact badly with such medication. This also includes whether you have previously had any adverse reactions to some specific type of medication. It is also worth noting that an online doctor cannot prescribe controlled substances and some different types of medication that people would normally abuse. This also includes medication pertaining to emergencies or conditions that are deemed too severe or life threatening as this would necessitate a physical hospital visit for proper treatment.

As depicted in the foregoing, online doctors can indeed write prescriptions. This has multiple benefits, as it is convenient while also saving on money and time. You should check with your insurance provider to verify whether they do cover online refills and prescriptions. However, you must always be cognizant of the fact that in-person care is still vital and relevant in case of an emergency as an online doctor in such an instance is not helpful.

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