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What are the Benefits of a Compound Pharmacy?

A compound pharmacy is a unique type of drug store that offers a mixture of different medications to make one tailor made prescription for specific medical needs.

Different medications are mixed, hence the term compounded, according to the unique medical requirements of their patients.

The Food and Drug Administration, FDA approves and regulates them. Apart from providing a holistic approach to the way people perceive and take the prescribed medications, they also come with lots of benefits.

These include, adherence to prescription, reducing side effects, offering an alternative form of medication as well as providing medications that may have been faced out of store shelves.

What products do you get from a pharmacy?

Availability of Friendly Doses to Kids and Pets

Kids and pets always have a problem taking some medicines due to their unpleasant tastes and smells. Combined drug outlets are experienced in mixing different drugs and lacing them with kids and pets friendly flavors. This is meant to enhance adherence to drugs amongst fussy kids and pets. Combined medications work well with kids and fussy individuals especially when they are prescribed for many drugs. Instead of having to struggle swallowing all the many tablets one after the other, combined chemists can come up with a single dose that encompasses all prescribed contents. This is something that you cannot get from the common drug outlets.

Reduced Side Effects

One of the main side effects of most drugs is the development of resistance to specific contents. Since doctors may not be sure what contents you may be allergic to, they just go ahead and prescribe such drugs. Upon developing resistance to a dose, you do not have to go through the hustles of booking another appointment with your doctor. All you have to do is step into a combined drug outlet and explain your issue. Within no time, they will mix contents of the prescribed drug but without the content, you are allergic to. This way, you can benefit from potency of your prescription without worries of a repeat resistance.

Bespoke Medications

Most drug outlets have common drugs made for all manner of medical issues in certain age groups. At combined drug outlets, there are no drugs for a specific medical issue. What you will find are the numerous drug contents, ready for making a particular medication as per the unique needs of walk in patients. In essence, all medication at combined chemists is tailored to the specific medical needs of individual patients.

Adjustable Potency

Due to our unique nature, our medical needs also differ from one person to another. What works for a particular person may not really work for another. Unfortunately, most doctors do not consider that fact when prescribing drugs. They assume that a certain dose works for all people in the recommended age bracket. Combined drug stores can increase or reduce potency of a certain drug to suit the unique needs of different patients to make them more effective.

Alternative Medication

Study findings show that most people tend to abandon their prescribed doses due to discomfort in the taste and smell of the same. At times, some medical practitioners recommend drugs without paying much attention to such factors. For instance, a patient with wounds in the mouth may be prescribed medication in tablet form. Swallowing such tablets would be almost impossible in that condition. Since some kids are fussy, combined drug stores have a solution for that. They combine different flavors and smells with the prescribed medication content to make an alternative to the prescribed drug, making it easier and more comfortable to adhere.

Access to All Medications

Drug manufacturers often face certain drugs out of circulation if they are not generating significant profit. This is regardless of whether or not the drug is being relied upon by patients for a particular medical issue. Combined drug stores come to correct this problem by making such drugs available, but in different form. In strict adherence to the doctor’s prescription, combined drug store attendants mix a variety contents similar to those found in the previous medication. This ensures that no patient has to suffer for lack of a specific drug that faced out of market.

All combined chemists are established and operated in line with the strict guidelines of FDA so the issue of safety should not be a concern. However, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor on what medication to obtain from combined chemists. This is because unlike pharmacists at combined chemists, your personal doctor has some bits of your health history and will better understand what is right for you.

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