Soma Pharmacy provides the following healthcare services to help manage your overall health and wellness:

Soma Pharmacy offers a variety of vaccinations. We have pharmacists on staff who have completed immunization administration courses and who are certified by the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy to administer vaccines. We offer the Flu vaccine annually with no prescription required. We also stock several other vaccines available by prescription. No appointment is necessary for vaccine administration.

Medication Therapy Management:
We always provide patient counseling with each new prescription, but if you are in need of additional assistance please feel free to contact us. Some insurance plans offer Medication Therapy Management programs which allow the pharmacist to review your personal prescription drug therapies and make appropriate recommendations for you and your health care provider to consider.

We offer free pick up & delivery service Monday through Saturday to most areas. Please call for details.

We also provide the following services:

  • Medicare Part D Plan Consulting
  • Diabetic Care
  • Personal Consultation
  • Free Blood Pressure